MooTools 1.2 & Opera 9.5 released, FF3 coming soon

Some quick development news: MooTools 1.2 has finally been released. MooTools is really great, I hope more people start using it. Firefox 3 should be officially released this Tuesday (June 17). Party on. Oh, while I’m at it, I guess I should mention Opera 9.5 was just released, too. I’m not a big Opera fan, … Continue reading “MooTools 1.2 & Opera 9.5 released, FF3 coming soon”

Link: Opening Up the IMS

Good post from Michael Feldstein at e-Literate: There’s something fundamentally contradictory about open standards being developed behind closed doors. … Over the past 18 months, I have had the privilege of participating in the IMS work on a regular basis. During that time, I have mostly kept my mouth shut about the openness issue. Out … Continue reading “Link: Opening Up the IMS”

Link: Web Accessibility Checklist

The talented Cameron Moll has posted a link to a Web Accessibility Checklist prepared by Aaron Cannon, a (blind) member of his web development team. Aaron’s checklist is an easy-to-understand list of accessibility dos and don’ts. Most of these are so simple and easy to implement that there’s really no excuse to NOT use them … Continue reading “Link: Web Accessibility Checklist”

Link: Hardware tips for screencasting

Ran across this short but useful blog entry from Layers Magazine. I know many people who use assorted ‘screencasting’ tools (Captivate, Camtasia, Firefly, etc.), and my guess is that very few of these people give much thought to the hardware they use for their projects. Hardware has a huge impact, and can be the difference … Continue reading “Link: Hardware tips for screencasting”