SWFObject example links fixed

When I recently reorganized my SWFObject examples (adding a bunch of SWFObject 2.0 examples), a few links were accidentally hosed. Links fixed. Sorry ’bout that.

There are now over 30 examples using over 50 files, and I just tested each and every one of them to ensure they work. 🙂

(Thanks to Winston for letting me know about the dead links.)

More SWFObject 2.0 examples

I just posted a few more SWFObject 2.0 examples:

  • Plain-vanilla SWF embedding using SWFObject 2.0
  • Using SWFObject 2.0 with ExternalInterface
  • Determining whether a SWF was successfully embedded (returning a boolean in JavaScript)
  • Using SWFObject with an ‘onclick’ event

Update: The SWFObject examples list is now located at http://learnswfobject.com

SWFObject examples have been updated

Just an FYI: The SWFObject section of my site has been updated with SWFObject 2.0 examples, including:

  • Using SWFObject with ajax (xmlhttprequest)
  • Using ExpressInstall
  • Toggling a SWF’s visibility
  • Passing querystrings to a SWF using PHP
  • Setting the z-index and wmode (allowing page elements to overlap the Flash SWF)

SWFObject has two publishing options: static publishing and dynamic publishing. I’m happy to report that every SWFObject 2.0 example on my site has both a static and a dynamic example. I also included instructions for most of the examples. Hopefully people will find them useful! 🙂

The SWFObject section is located at http://pipwerks.com/lab/swfobject/

The old SWFObject 1.5 examples are still online if anyone needs to see them.


Funny stuff. 🙂

The Adventures of Bollywood Blackboardwala
Here’s a small series of humorous episodes related to recent Blackboard and Open Source Learning Management Systems.

The mashups are made with snippets of classic Hindi Bollywood films, overlaid with user created subtitles, from a fun online tool called BombayTV from Grapheine.

The role of Blackboardwala is played by none other than Amitabh Bacchan, of course.

http://metamedia.typepad.com/metamedia/2008/04/the-adventures.html [link no longer available]

[from e-Literate]

SCORM files relocated… again.

Sorry to give everyone the runaround, but after trying Google Code for a month, I found it seriously lacking and not very fun to use. Therefore as of tonight, all of my SCORM files (and other goodies) are back at pipwerks.com on a dedicated downloads page.